Parents & Young People Support Packages

This section includes packages to help support parents and young people through a self discovery journey

The complex world facing young people today leaves parents feeling often unprepared and uncertain about how to help their children and especially when they become young adults.  We aim to provide support to both parents and their offspring by helping them transform their own futures by giving them self awareness, raising self esteem and showing them how they can find the right path for career and life success. 

We offer parental coaching that includes advice on the following;

Package 1 -  Future Schools advisory session (for parents)

A review of academic, personal and holistic skills to enable young people to match and understand their options for future schools

Package 2 - The Young People Index® Report + Coaching

Coaching for your children or young adults on their unique profile of impact and contribution within a team. This session includes a online pre assessment questionnaire, a Young People Index impact report and coaching for future planning via Skype or Zoom

Package 3 - The GC Index® for Parents+ Coaching

By taking The GC Index® alongside your children, it will give you a greater understanding of your unique impact and contribution, whether this personal or professionally, it will enable you to draw on our own experiences and journeys to help your children think more broadly about themselves and their futures. Coaching is carried out via Skype or Zoom. 

The insight you will gain from taking The GC Index® will help you understand your child’s unique profile, which can lead to improved communication and mutual respect for how each other likes to interact and learn. 



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