Helping Build Dynamic Sports Teams

How can The Young People Index benefit sports teams?

The individual profiles we provide, give in-depth insight into how that person prefers to use their energies in training and playing.  Some find that they confirm what they feel about themselves (for example. that they are an ideas person who is not afraid to take risks or that they are committed to continuous improvement) and, when this is the case, it boosts confidence and allows that player to have conviction in their approach as well as an idea of how they can better communicate with others in their team.  It gives an awareness of the different ways their team mates approach a game or training and therefore increases acceptance and appreciation of the make-up of a dynamic team.  For some, the results are a surprise, but again it is a positive experience because it allows them to see how others might perceive them and starts to build that real awareness of their actual preferences rather than those they thought they had or in some situations have fallen or been pushed into. Self -awareness helps athletes to build self-confidence and self-esteem, take more responsibility for their actions, as well as make better decisions.  As such, self-awareness is not only vital for sporting success but many other aspects of life, including school, work, and family.


By taking part in the GC Index® (the adult version of the tool), coaches are given a heightened awareness of their own preferences and strengths in terms of impact on their teams.  Furthermore, by having their teams take part in The Young People Index® they will be more aware of the preferences of their learners.  This combined awareness is absolutely key to taking team performance to the next level.  Coaches not only begin to better understand how to motivate individuals in order to get the best out of them, they begin to see how their own preferences affect how they approach coaching as well as how they may unconsciously lean towards a style that only fully engages similar types to themselves.

Some of the benefits of this are:

  • Transform the way teams work, utilising the strengths of individuals and therefore increasing motivation, productivity and performance

  • Develop greater awareness of their leadership team dynamics and strengths

  • Strengthen relationships within their team

  • Understand the process and concept of the Young People Index in relation to their coaching practices and their students contributions and inclinations

  • Begin to analyse how best to utilise strengths of individuals in the team

  • Begin to understand more deeply how they impact on the whole team

  • Coaches can analyse how they facilitate learning with their team. E.G. Unconscious bias towards team members who have the same preferences as they do

  • Coaches can begin to understand motivations of team members they may currently see as disruptive, difficult or challenging which improves relationships and, in turn, performance

Team Players

  • Each and every player is aware that they have individual strengths, skills and talents, in terms of team contribution, so self-esteem is immediately raised thus improving motivation and engagement with training and playing

  • Groupings can be more dynamic and beneficial to teams

  • Team players can begin to think, earlier than they currently do, about other possible career opportunities that suit their skills and natural inclinations, thus making more informed plans for their future.

Career provision within the sporting arena

In situations where young people are spending a significant amount of time in a sporting institution and less time in mainstream education, it is the duty of that institution to help them think about possible alternative careers, should their sporting career not be as successful or long-lived as they hope.  This is not to say that they should be discouraged from whole-heartedly pursuing their ambitions and dreams, but that they should consider how else their team skills could be utilised in case of injury or other reasons for a change of career at some point.  It is important that they are still equipped with employability skills to give them the best chance of success in their future.


"Tino Anjorin, Captain at Chelsea Youth Under 16s says “ The Young People Index® has boosted my confidence because I always knew I was chosen to be Captain because I could see the strengths in others. My results have raised my confidence and I now know how I can motivate my team better and understand the individual contributions of each player makes on and off the pitch”.

(Tino Anjorin, Captain, Chelsea Youth)

"I was introduced to The Young People Index® by Helen and straight away I could see the benefits that it would bring to a competitive sporting environment. We all need to understand in depth the way we work and how we can improve ourselves, but more importantly, with team sports, we need to get the right people and players around us, to understand with greater clarity their skills and abilities.  This would help immensely in being able to place them in a role that would not only benefit the individual, but also the team and maximise the chances of success".

(Jimmy Glass, AFC Bournemouth Player Liaison and Ex Player).