Innovative Careers Day at The Bourne Academy - 13th March 2019 (12pm-3pm)

How can you nurture your future talent and help the next generation of employees and potential leaders?

The future for young people is fraught with uncertainty with forecasters predicting that 60% of the jobs young people will perform do not yet exist. Very few educational institutions are offering a solution to this dilemma facing our businesses and economy, so how can you help prepare young people for their future?

Two-thirds of businesses (69%) believe that secondary schools are not effective at preparing young people for work (British Chambers of Commerce, 2018).

At the Young People Index©, we have developed an Innovative Careers Day where students get the opportunity to explore their individual strengths and contributions when working in a team, using The Young People Index® tool, as well as exploring their unique leadership approach and values. Students and business leaders will also have the opportunity to network with each other and discuss potential opportunities and required skills for the future on entering business. Business owners will get the chance to nurture future talent, talk about their individual businesses and discuss what ‘organisational fit’ and ‘culture’ is for them and why this is important. This should improve the chances of finding the right young people and retaining them.

Research shows that a young person who has 4 or more encounters with an employer is 86% less likely to be unemployed or not in education or training, and can earn up to 18% more during their career (Careers & Enterprise Company, 2018).

Our team combines of Andrew Roberts-Wray, who has gained over 17 years of Headship and Senior Leadership positions (across a variety of State and Independent schools). Alongside the Director of The Young People Index®, Helen Rivero, who also has 15 years of Human Resources experience within the corporate world. This gives the YPI® an up-to-date understanding of the future changes that face organisations, as well as the requirements and skills that business organisations need from their young employees.

Preparing young people for the future in a way that motivates them to aim high, achieve good results and gives them a clear direction in their lives, must be a priority for the coming years. This event will provide far more opportunities for inter-activity with the students than regular Careers Day events, which will help you to spot the talent you are looking for. If you think that this is important too and would like to meet the next generation of young employees and potentially your future leaders, please attend the Innovative Careers Day on 13th March 2019 at The Bourne Academy.

Firms think careers advice should include workplace experiences (64%), encounters with employers and employees (62%), and link curriculum learning to careers (45%).

Further details will be sent to you with regards to the day, but businesses are invited for lunch, networking, speed interviews, group interviews and assessments from 12pm-3pm. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 

The Young People Index® Team


Here Vicky talks about the impact of The YPI® Innovative Careers Day
Jason Gault, guest speaker at The Bourne Academy's Innovative Careers Day - 13th March 2019

Helen Clegg from Barclays provides a video testimonial after The Bourne Academy Innovative Careers Event - 13th March 2019 - Delivered by The Young People Index® team