Three Pillars of Success - Career Day at Yarrells School

16th June 2017 - Our News this week

This week we had a great day session at Yarrells Preparatory School teaching years 7 & 8 about the three pillars of career success. This was supported by inspirational talks and activities provided by local businesses and underpinned by the Young People Index. We would like to say thank you to Sam Savage of South Coast Events, Russell Tonks from Strategic Solutions and Liam Keighley from Layburne Business Finance. Not only do we talk about job roles and different organisational types, we explore organisational culture and environment, thus opening up their eyes to how they might fit within a business, not just a role/job. The Young People Index allows us to talk openly about this dimension, something that often gets over looked at a typical career fair day/session, but an element that has such an impact of their personal success in life. 

Yarrells Career Day - June 2017