Newsletter April 2017

It has been a very busy few months for the team at The Young People Index and we are excited to share developments with you...

Since the launch, at Yarrells School, we have had a lot of interest from local schools and will be delivering our GC Index Leadership Development Programme in some of them over the coming month or two, with a view to move onto delivering our Teachers' Development Programme and using The Young People Index within selected year groups as part of our Self-Discovery Programme.  We are in the process of securing sponsors for two of these schools to help fund the programmes and are open to hearing from any local businesses who would like to get involved in sponsoring schools for this hugely beneficial process and helping young people become better prepared for the world of work.

We are also exploring the sporting sector, looking to work with some youth football academies, one of which is our own AFC Bournemouth and we are excited to go and deliver feedback sessions to one of their youth teams next week.  We feel the YPI has great potential for young sports people not only to develop and enhance their performance in their current position, but also to help to prepare them for alternative careers should they choose to take a different path in the future.

We look forward to updating you further next month with details of the successes of these opportunities.