Innovative Careers Day at The Bourne Academy - 13th March 2019 (12pm-3pm)

How can you nurture your future talent and help the next generation of employees and potential leaders?

The future for young people is fraught with uncertainty with forecasters predicting that 60% of the jobs young people will perform do not yet exist. Very few educational institutions are offering a solution to this dilemma facing our businesses and economy, so how can you help prepare young people for their future?

Two-thirds of businesses (69%) believe that secondary schools are not effective at preparing young people for work (British Chambers of Commerce, 2018).

At the Young People Index©, we have developed an Innovative Careers Day where students get the opportunity to explore their individual strengths and contributions when working in a team, using The Young People Index® tool, as well as exploring their unique leadership approach and values. Students and business leaders will also have the opportunity to network with each other and discuss potential opportunities and required skills for the future on entering business. Business owners will get the chance to nurture future talent, talk about their individual businesses and discuss what ‘organisational fit’ and ‘culture’ is for them and why this is important. This should improve the chances of finding the right young people and retaining them.

Research shows that a young person who has 4 or more encounters with an employer is 86% less likely to be unemployed or not in education or training, and can earn up to 18% more during their career (Careers & Enterprise Company, 2018).

Our team combines of Andrew Roberts-Wray, who has gained over 17 years of Headship and Senior Leadership positions (across a variety of State and Independent schools). Alongside the Director of The Young People Index®, Helen Rivero, who also has 15 years of Human Resources experience within the corporate world. This gives the YPI® an up-to-date understanding of the future changes that face organisations, as well as the requirements and skills that business organisations need from their young employees.

Preparing young people for the future in a way that motivates them to aim high, achieve good results and gives them a clear direction in their lives, must be a priority for the coming years. This event will provide far more opportunities for inter-activity with the students than regular Careers Day events, which will help you to spot the talent you are looking for. If you think that this is important too and would like to meet the next generation of young employees and potentially your future leaders, please attend the Innovative Careers Day on 13th March 2019 at The Bourne Academy.

Firms think careers advice should include workplace experiences (64%), encounters with employers and employees (62%), and link curriculum learning to careers (45%).

Further details will be sent to you with regards to the day, but businesses are invited for lunch, networking, speed interviews, group interviews and assessments from 12pm-3pm. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 

The Young People Index® Team


Here Vicky talks about the impact of The YPI® Innovative Careers Day
Jason Gault, guest speaker at The Bourne Academy's Innovative Careers Day - 13th March 2019

Helen Clegg from Barclays provides a video testimonial after The Bourne Academy Innovative Careers Event - 13th March 2019 - Delivered by The Young People Index® team

Silk Factory & Bournemouth Arts University -Nurturing Future Talent - Jan-March 2019

Silk Factory, a creative content agency based in London are nurturing their future talent, by sponsoring The Young People Index® & Impact programmes with students.

The Young People Index® assessment measures a students contribution and impact, which is critical when building dynamic teams and making sure projects, teams and organisations reach their full potential.

As well as understanding how individual students contribute to a team, the YPI® Impact programmes provide students with practical skills which are preparing them for the world of work.

Silk Factory are helping nurture their talent pipeline by spending time getting to know how the students contribute and impact a team ( and in the future, their organisation), but also have an opportunity to engage with students on live business issues.

Silk Factory also offer work experience, internships and potential full time employment to suitable students who show the right attitude, values and passion for the industry and their business.

Andy Snook, Co-founder of Silk Factory talks about working with the YPI® at Arts University Bournemouth.

Poole Grammar School - Sept 2018 - Developing a Growth Mindset & more.....

We are very excited to start an annual programme with students from Poole Grammar School, teaching them the important future skills they will need, which will complement and enhance their key academic skills and qualification gained at school. 

We kick started our first session in September focusing on Self Awareness, using The Young People Index® assessment, followed by exploring why a Growth Mindset is key in terms of developing skills and reaching your full potential.

We are looking forward to coming back again in December with Programme 2, which will focus on ‘The Power of Team Work’and collaboration and why this is important for their futures. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 08.33.41.png

Canford School's Young Leaders Programme

We had a great start to our series of programmes with Canford School today, running a Young Leaders Impact session.

This is the first in a series of sessions that will underpin their innovative approach to leadership within the school. With key insights from individual Young People Index profiles, pupils were able to see how they best contribute and impact a team and how their unique approach to leadership may differ depending on the situation and context. 

We are looking forward to returning to the school in the new academic year, helping the pupils develop more vital skills for the future, using our bespoke programmes.

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 14.38.57.png

The GC Index®& InnoEnergy - Coaching MSc Students

We are really excited about coaching MSc students with The GC Index and InnoEnergy.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 21.25.48.png

The GC Index® has partnered with InnoEnergy, the European innovation engine for sustainable energy, to launch a new 18-month Game-Changing Impact programme. The new initiative will equip students for the world of work to boost European energy innovation and support the region’s sustainable energy future.

This year’s InnoEnergy Master’s School students will work closely with a personal coach to develop their core skills to revolutionise the energy sector. This will see them engage in team exercises, work on real-world examples and gain access to influential business expertise to make a positive industry impact.

Commenting on the launch, Frank Gielen, Education Director at InnoEnergy, says: “We’re proud to be working in close partnership with The GC Index® to pioneer a new approach to sustainable energy education. People are the lifeblood of innovation and its key that our graduates have the right skills to help Europe achieve a sustainable energy future.

“The new programme supports both students and their future employers. Industry needs an informed, engaged and ambitious graduate workforce to achieve success. Our focus is to equip students with the essential workplace skills needed to make a smooth transition from education to industry.”

Nathan Ott, CEO of The GC Index, adds: “We’re firm believers that whilst not everyone is a Game Changer, everyone can make a game-changing impact. We are delighted to partner with InnoEnergy to help energy students identify how they can make a real difference and thrive – driving ideas forward and achieving their full potential as the innovators of the future.”

About InnoEnergy
Achieving a sustainable energy sector in Europe is a triple challenge: ensuring security of supply, reducing costs to eliminate fuel poverty and reducing environmentally damaging emissions.

InnoEnergy was established in 2010 and is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) to address this challenge. Like all Knowledge and Innovation Communities established by the EIT, InnoEnergy brings together the three elements of the so-called Knowledge Triangle – higher education, research and industry – to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing Europe today.

By connecting the elements of the knowledge triangle with Europe’s entrepreneurs and innovators, InnoEnergy plays a critical role in increasing sustainable growth and competitiveness in Europe, reinforcing the innovation capacity of the EU Member States, creating the entrepreneurs of tomorrow and preparing them for innovative breakthroughs in the future.

InnoEnergy works with universities, research centres and industry partners across Europe. It helps connect ideas, experience and skills across the continent to help create new employees, new technologies, new products and new businesses that will create a sustainable energy sector along with jobs and growth opportunities for Europe.

About The GC Index
The GC Index® was developed from work initially undertaken by Dr John Mervyn-Smith, Chief Psychologist at The GC Index®, and Adrian Furnham, Management Expert and Professor of Psychology.

It provides a digital language and framework, which assesses the genuine and potential contribution of individuals. The GC Index®

– Is the first online assessment tool to identify Game Changers
– Measures how individuals are going to make an impact
– Enables organisations to create game-changing teams

Its scientific framework allows individuals to understand how they can make an impact and helps organisations develop teams to drive performance and achieve innovation goals.

Three Pillars of Success - Career Day at Yarrells School

16th June 2017 - Our News this week

This week we had a great day session at Yarrells Preparatory School teaching years 7 & 8 about the three pillars of career success. This was supported by inspirational talks and activities provided by local businesses and underpinned by the Young People Index. We would like to say thank you to Sam Savage of South Coast Events, Russell Tonks from Strategic Solutions and Liam Keighley from Layburne Business Finance. Not only do we talk about job roles and different organisational types, we explore organisational culture and environment, thus opening up their eyes to how they might fit within a business, not just a role/job. The Young People Index allows us to talk openly about this dimension, something that often gets over looked at a typical career fair day/session, but an element that has such an impact of their personal success in life. 

Yarrells Career Day - June 2017

Winning the #SBS Challenge - The Young People Index and Theo Paphitis

Winning the #SBS Challenge - The Young People Index and Theo Paphitis


In May 2017 Poole based Young People Index gets a Twitter boost from Theo Paphitis


An inspirational, education-based organisation has received a business boost from retail entrepreneur Theo Paphitis.   Last week, The Young People Index tweeted Theo about the amazing work they are doing with schools in and around Dorset, helping bridge the skills gap between schools and businesses. The Young People Index tweeted  ‘Small Business Sunday’ and was one of six weekly winners to gain a retweet by Theo to his 500,000 Twitter followers.  The weekly initiative, set up by Theo in 2010, now has 1700 #SBS winners and supports small businesses in the UK.


The Young People Index has worked closely with Yarrells Preparatory School, Poole Grammar School, Champion Group Football (AFC Bournemouth under 13s) and London Youth, helping young people gain confidence, raised self-awareness and knowledge of how they can make their impact on the world. This incredible work has not only helped pupils gain personal insights, but has also helped with school management and leadership practice, something many schools do not have the opportunity to partake in.


Business and retail entrepreneur (and self-confessed Shopkeeper), Theo re‐tweeted The Young People Index’s message to his almost 500,000 followers and as a result, and their twitter account (yp_index) has more followers and increased enquiries. They are also profiled on the #SBS website ( that is exclusive to all Small Business Sunday winners.

‘’We’re over the moon to have been recognised by Theo in Small Business Sunday. We’ve worked incredibly hard on something we strongly believe in – the future of our children. We all strive to ensure we give our children the best start in life but there just hasn’t been the right framework out there to really drive home their potential impact in the future.”


Small business champion and Ryman Stationery, Robert Dyas and Boux Avenue Chairman, Theo Paphitis, said: “We are thrilled to welcome new #SBS members every week and highlight just how important it is to support our small businesses here in the UK.  My vision is that everyone who has ever won an #SBS re-tweet from me becomes part of a friendly club; like-minded individuals who can share successes and learnings. The website and Shop #SBS will also give a valuable profile to the winners chosen and I wish The Young People Index every success.”


Anyone looking for a re‐tweet from Theo should tweet him about their business on Sundays between 5 PM and 7.30 PM and include the hashtag #SBS. Six lucky businesses are re‐tweeted every Monday at 8 PM and then invited to enter their profile on the new website, attend the annual #SBS networking event and take advantage of the networking opportunities.


The Young People Index

For further information, please contact The Young People Index at or visit

For further information about Small Business Sunday please visit





Newsletter April 2017

It has been a very busy few months for the team at The Young People Index and we are excited to share developments with you...

Since the launch, at Yarrells School, we have had a lot of interest from local schools and will be delivering our GC Index Leadership Development Programme in some of them over the coming month or two, with a view to move onto delivering our Teachers' Development Programme and using The Young People Index within selected year groups as part of our Self-Discovery Programme.  We are in the process of securing sponsors for two of these schools to help fund the programmes and are open to hearing from any local businesses who would like to get involved in sponsoring schools for this hugely beneficial process and helping young people become better prepared for the world of work.

We are also exploring the sporting sector, looking to work with some youth football academies, one of which is our own AFC Bournemouth and we are excited to go and deliver feedback sessions to one of their youth teams next week.  We feel the YPI has great potential for young sports people not only to develop and enhance their performance in their current position, but also to help to prepare them for alternative careers should they choose to take a different path in the future.

We look forward to updating you further next month with details of the successes of these opportunities.