Sharing a passion and changing the game in education

Friends since we were ten years old and very like-minded individuals, Helen Rivero and I are now embarking on our second adventure together: the launch of our business The Young People Index. The first was an unplanned, go-with-flow trip around Europe and although it initially seems very different to this one, there are actually many similarities between the two: unexpected highs and lows, twists and turns; new inspiring people; adventure and discovery; life-changing moments for us and the young people involved. 

This has been in the pipelines for well over six months now and we have just held an official launch at Yarrells Preparatory School in Dorset, here on the South Coast of England.  Helen and I have discussed working together many times in the past and have shared a passion for people, personal and professional development and new concepts and ideas as we have gone on our own journeys. There were many discussions about challenging the norms of our work culture in this country and it naturally led onto ideas for transforming education and we discovered the GC Index along the way, which we instantly felt could be adapted to really help young people understand themselves better and therefore learn at greater depth.  As we developed our own version of the tool for young people, it became abundantly clear that one of its main uses would be to enhance careers provision.  Our research has told us that careers education is an issue in most schools and the future leaders and labour force are not, on the whole, being provided with insightful and meaningful advice.  In turn, many businesses are reporting that there are huge gaps in the knowledge and skills of school leavers, in terms of employability and this is a problem we feel very strongly needs solving-and we know the YP Index can be instrumental in doing so. 

We have radio and newspaper interviews lined up,  meetings with some schools who attended the launch, as well as AFC Bournemouth, who are piloting it with one of their youth teams and we are excited to start spreading the word and seeing the tool in action!  It has so many other uses, aside from the careers advice; enhancement of personalised learning, insight into ‘disruptive’ pupils and a way of building rapport with them, development of teaching practice using knowledge of own preferences and unconscious bias, raising self-esteem and motivation of Pupil Premium pupils, transformation of groupings within the learning environment, etc.  We feel so passionately about how it can help young people find their place in the world and cannot wait for others to discover it and share this passion.

Christina Turner, Co-Founder of The Young People Index