The Co-Founders of the Young People Index have been lifelong friends and have always shared a passion around the development of people, children and themselves. Having gone down very different career paths, both Christina and Helen felt compelled to explore the possibility of creating a version of The GC Index for young people. Both Helen & Christina felt passionately about how it could help them believe in their own individual worth, but also give educators and pupils far more individual insight, thus improving self awareness, self confidence and self improvement. The Young People Index can be used to enrich teaching and learning, make careers events more meaningful and relevant, facilitates pupils’ decision making for the future as well as simply highlighting a young person’s potential for impact on a project, team or organisation.


Helen Rivero - Founder & Director


As an MSc and Chartered member of the CIPD, Helen brings a wealth of diverse human resource and learning and development experience; including working within manufacturing, aerospace, FMCG and service sectors. Helen's aim is to infuse people with passion around learning and developing from a professional and personal perspective. She also works with independent schools, looking at alternative ways to prepare next generation leaders with the skills they’ll need in the future.

Helen also runs her own HR consultancy, working all over the UK, and has recently connected with the WorldBlu organisation in the US, acting as a champion for democratic workplaces and freedom centred leadership. 

Christina Turner - FOUNDER & DIRECTOR

With nearly ten years of experience in the education sector and expertise in personal, social, health and citizenship education, Christina brings specialised knowledge to the team and a real passion for the importance of developing every child as an individual in all aspects. 

Christina knows that for young people to be at their happiest in the learning environment and to therefore achieve to their maximum potential they must feel valued, accepted and have a sound knowledge of their own unique strengths and skills. 

It was from this belief that the idea of The Young People Index was born and Christina sees the potential for the insights provided by it to be transformational for pupils who have the opportunity to experience them.