Why does The Young People Index® exist?

It is important for me to explain WHY I started The Young People Index®. Back in 2016, I was building my consultancy business tool kit and came across The GC Index®. I had used lots of assessment tools to help me discover how to help businesses grow, develop and work better together, but what I loved about The GC Index® was understanding how my unique profile insight impacted the type of organisations I preferred to work in, and why I had felt so frustrated by certain cultures, systems and methodologies within organisations.

I soon realised the importance of understanding the contribution and impact someone can make much earlier on. The young person’s version of The GC Index® was borne out of frustration and a passion for helping young people become more self aware at an earlier age, so they could make better informed choices about their future careers. Since then I have collaborated with Andrew Roberts-Wray to develop a series of programmes that help build the necessary self awareness and skills needed for the world of work.

Helen Rivero - Director & C0-founder

As an MSc and chartered member of the CIPD, Helen brings a wealth of diverse human resource management, learning and development and business consultancy experience; including working within manufacturing, aerospace, FMCG, education and service sectors.

Helen's aim is to infuse people with passion around learning and developing from a professional and personal perspective. She works with state, independent schools and international schools, looking at alternative ways to prepare next generation leaders with the skills they’ll need in the future using The Young People Index® and Impact programmes.

Christina Turner - co - FOUNDER

With years' of experience in the education sector and expertise in personal, social, health and citizenship education, Christina brings specialised knowledge to the team and a real passion for the importance of developing every child as an individual in all aspects. 

Christina knows that for young people to be at their happiest in the learning environment and to therefore achieve to their maximum potential they must feel valued, accepted and have a sound knowledge of their own unique strengths and skills. 


Martin has an extensive background in sport and community development and a history of engaging with the educational sector. He’s held leadership, management, coaching and mentoring roles and loves supporting the development of groups, teams and individuals.

Martin truly believes in creating an environment where others can flourish, confidently pursue their long term ambitions and fulfil their potential. His belief that better understanding ourselves, feeling empowered by our unique strengths and being better able to positively influence the relationships around us can instil confidence and the potential to succeed in all aspects of our lives.

Andrew Roberts-Wray - educationAL consultant

Having spent 17 years leading in schools, Andrew is passionate about preparing pupils for the real world by getting them and their teachers to work in partnership with businesses and schools in their local community. It is important to give young people contact with the real world in preparation for university and the world of work in later life.

Andrew believes that children can achieve academic success by developing confidence and motivation. This can be achieved by giving a broad curriculum that helps every child find success which in turn gives them self belief to fly high in all aspects of their life.


Steve Butcher is a highly experienced coach, tutor & mentor working across both the business, sport and education sectors, with much of his career based around helping children and young people get ahead of the game and fulfil their full potential.    

Steve is recognised as one of the UK's most successful professional tennis coaches, having gained a wealth of experience over 35 years developing tennis players of all ages, standards and abilities; including a number that have reached world class level.   In addition, Steve has had a significant involvement in education, not just developing and nurturing his three high flying children, but also through coaching, developing and developing many other young people, often utilising a range of psychometric and organometric assessment tools, of which The Young People Index® (YPI) is seen as pivotal in this process.   

Steve's passion for the development of children and young people has derived from the time he spent as a parent governor at his own children's school; where he saw, first hand, what a difference you can make, by encouraging children to utilise their strengths, skills and proclivities to reach a whole new level. 


Peter started his career as a youth worker then moved into teaching. He gained experience as a Head of Year then as Assistant Headteacher of one of the largest schools in the country. Peter is an experienced public speaker, teacher, trainer and coach with a wealth of experience, of leadership, management, personal development and education. He now works with businesses,  organisations & schools to help develop the strategies and momentum to meet the challenge of change and achieve their goals. Peter is an accredited GCologist and works with leadership and staff teams to enable rapid growth and development.

Peter is an inspirational speaker who speaks in schools and colleges around the country, leading educational conferences for students as well as staff training on a range of topical issues.  He also works with Unicef helping further their Rights Respecting School Award and as a school speaker with Amnesty International.


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