Pupils at the Young People Index launch

Pupils at the Young People Index launch

What is the Young People Index?

The Young People Index is a revolutionary online instrument that enables education professionals to identify and nurture the key talents of pupils; the leaders and workforce of the future. The results from the assessment empower young people by highlighting their natural preferences and inclinations in terms of how they contribute to a team, organisation, project or role and thus boost confidence and self-awareness. 

The benefits to young people

It is vital that each and every child is aware of their own individual strengths and skills so they can not only see the value they add in the classroom but are also able to make more informed choices about their future. 

All pupils, teachers and parents taking part in the Young People Index will have access to a range of useful data showcasing the types of people working in various types of organisations, sectors and roles, thus broadening young people's view on their career options for the future. 

The benefits to teachers and youth workers

The Young People Index can considerably improve the performance of schools by helping enhance teachers’ knowledge of the individuals they are educating and aid understanding of the contributions each child makes, or has the potential to make.  This knowledge and understanding can be used in many ways, some of which are: to develop questioning skills, adapt teaching methods, analyse group dynamics, create more impactful groupings, boost confidence in pupils, increase rapport between teachers and children with additional behavioural and/or learning needs.  

“Taking the GC Index had a profound effect on my life and its direction. If I’d known at school what I know now my life would have been very different and I would have worked in positions that worked for me – I’d have been much more successful. Now I have the confidence and understanding on how my character works, my strengths and weaknesses I can make the most of who I am.”

— Former Police Officer, now Photographer
Helen Rivero, Co-Founder of The Young People Index 

Helen Rivero, Co-Founder of The Young People Index 


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